Fighting for Arms Rights and Preserving history

The Arms Historical Society of Finland, SAHS, was founded 1965 to unite nationwide collectors.

Today the society has more than 310 members.

SAHS is working for close co-operation and development both in internal and international legislation.

We are the official representative of Finland in FESAC, European collectors organisation.

Nordic collector organization's meeting was held in Ikaalinen, Finland. Nordic delecates with Fesac delegates in group photo ofter visiting 1st September SAHS Gun Show and auction.






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FESAC 25 years today - Nordic founders still active


The Honourable President of The Arms Historical Society of Finland, Heikki Pohjolainen, is still one of the most active persons in European collector society.

Exactly 25 years ago mr. Pohjolainen signed the provisional statute of FESAC with fellow collector Lars-Yngve Ekström from Sweden.

There were other remarkable men present at that remarkable moment, but these two men are still most active and best known as idols for young collectors.

Heikki Pohjolainen in his Hyvinkää museum.

Auction list for the autumn auction - final prices


The auction list (with lot/item numbers, starting and final prices and links to pictures) for our autumn auction 1st September has now been published.

You can access it here:

EU directive: what really happened?


In Forgotten Weapons Ian McCollum interviews mr. Stephen Petroni, Fesac president. Interview took place in  Jersey meeting in June 2018.

SAHS sent three person delegation to that meeting. Report of the meeting comes out in an article in the Ase-lehti, Finnish arms magazine.

Stolen anti-tank cannon


SAHS organized artillery and tank auction in June 16th. After that, propably between 21. and 25.6, 37mm Bofors anti tank cannon was stolen from the original exhibition area.

This specific cannon was made under licence in Finland during Winter or Continuation War.

All information is welcome about this deactivated cannon. Please contact Finnish Police, tel +358 295 415 232 or by email

Summer auction 16.6.2018

Auction list for the summer auction has now been published. You can find it here:

Autumn auction list has been published


The auction list for the autumn auction (2.9.2017, Ikaalinen, Finland) has been published.

You can find it here

Spring auction list has been published


Spring auction list has been published:

We have also added pictures, and updated bidding numbers to picture descriptions.


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