Fighting for Arms Rights and Preserving history

The Arms Historical Society of Finland, SAHS, was founded 1965 to unite nationwide collectors.

Today the society has more than 310 members.

SAHS is working for close co-operation and development both in internal and international legislation.

We are the official representative of Finland in FESAC, European collectors organisation.






Upcoming events

Hamina Bastion Gunshow

Traditional Gunshow in Hamina

Somero Gunshow in Teeriharju dancing hall

South-west Finland Gunshow

Artillery auction

SAHS Heavy artillery and tank auction

Antique Gun Competition

The Arms Historic Society of Finland antique gun shooting competition

Gun Show 2018 in Ikaalinen

Better exhibitor area, more to see!

Arms & Militaria Fair FORUM HISTORICUM Wirges

07.09.2018 - 08.09.2018
Gun Show in Western Germany


Autumn auction list has been published


The auction list for the autumn auction (2.9.2017, Ikaalinen, Finland) has been published.

You can find it here

Spring auction list has been published


Spring auction list has been published:

We have also added pictures, and updated bidding numbers to picture descriptions.


Our representative in Malta conference


(Abbrevation from

The Conference organized by FESAC, AACTS, AMACS and Firearms United in Malta has attracted media attention – in addition to hall full of firearms enthusiasts and foreign guests from many organizations in Europe! The conference was held 7th January 2017 in Malta.

SAHS vice president Juhani Jokinen, our representative, 2nd row in the middle.

Nothing in the directive is yet settled, and even the trilogue is still formally ongoing before the parliament approves the current ”compromise”. Malta is in key position, because they are taking over EU presidency for the next six months and one of the more challenging areas is the new firearms directive proposal, so the conference was an excellent event, where the message from the shooters was sent to the authorities – loud and clear.

EU Gun Ban: Swiss Intervention in Brussels

On 16 November a delegation of Swiss citizens headed by two members of the proTell committee visited Brussels in order to inform the Europeans what the Swiss view was on the proposed prohibition of weapons planned by Europe.

Joint Statement from Finnish organizations regarding the firearms directive


Several Finnish organizations wrote a joint statement to Ms. Vicky Ford and the rapporteurs regarding the firearms directive. You can find the statement from here: <LINK, Click here>

FESAC press release covering IMCO vote


FESAC has published a press release covering last Wednesday’s IMCO vote. You can find it from here:

FACE press release 2.3.2016

FACE (European Federation of Associations for Hunting and Conservation) press release 2.3.2016 is available here: <link>

Stephen Petroni's speech at the Stakeholders meeting at the European Parliament


Stephen Petroni, Chairman of Fesac, was the first speaker at the Stakeholders meeting at the European Parliament. You can read Stephen's speech here (also includes link to fesac proposal that was handed to attendees).

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