Summer auction was held 16.6.2018 in former "Hotel Herttua", Veneenniementie 64, 58200 Kerimäki, Finland. 

Please note:

  • All items available in the auction are permit-free (and/or deactivated).
  • Buyers have two weeks to remove the items from the auction site.
  • SAHS (The Arms Historic Society of Finland) will not deliver any of the larger items (such as tank or artillery items) abroad.
  • Auction list has been translated to russian and english by our members and are meant for information purposes only. The Arms Historic Society of Finland is not responsible for any mistakes in the auction list. Auction items were on public display during viewing times, 16.6.2018 10:00 - 14:00.
  • Winners of written bids will receive an invoice 1-2 days after the auction.


Auction list with hammer prices is now published in pdf-format. You can download it here: auction list, hammer prices (fin)

English translation:  auction list, hammer prices (eng)


Please note that SAHS (Suomen Asehistoriallinen Seura, The Arms Historic Society of Finland) auction is run by volunteers. We are very busy with our real life responsibilities, and will not be always available to answer your questions, especially if you try to contact us during regular working hours. The best way to ask questions is to send an email to huutokaupat (at)


Please note:

- Picture names or "T-numbers" shown in pictures are NOT bidding numbers! Bidding number can be found from the auction list under "Huutonro" -column. It is also visible on the final pictures with the text "Huutonro". .

- There may be changes to the auction list up to the auction day.


You can find pictures for some of the items below. More pictures will be added later.


Kuvaa napsauttamalla saat isomman kuvan. Napsauttamalla kuvan ulkopuolella tai 'Esc' näppäimestä voit lopettaa kuvien katselun. Käytä 'Seuraava' tai 'Edellinen' nappeja vaihtaaksesi kuvaa.